Centre de Cultura "SA NOSTRA" - C/ de la Concepció, 12. - 07012 Palma de Mallorca

HOW TO GET HERE: The island of Mallorca is the best communicated in the world. Every day thousands of people travel to and from Mallorca with no more difficulty than driving in or out of any city on the mainland – less in fact!. Palma Airport, Son San Juan is one of the most modern airports in Europe. Two hours from the centre of Europe and one hour from Madrid. All the big European airlines use Palma as a stop-over, since the airport is prepared to receive more than 20 million passengers per year. Also, a most unforgettable experience is to arrive or depart Palma by boat, at dawn or dusk any time of the year. Practically all passenger liners have Palma on their itinerary of cruises throughout the Mediterranean. So Mallorca is no longer separated from the mainland, but thousands of planes and boats make the Island the tourist resort with the most comprehensive communication network. A door always open.